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Are you yearning for a newer height of behavioral changes to become a future leader? If so, Quantum Change Consulting is the best answered prayer for you. We specialize in helping individuals and organizations in achieving the level of success that they aim for. This is made possible by relying on the most holistic approaches. Here are the services that we have for you:


Leadership Development Coaching and Training

Leaders deal with the greatest challenge and that is to come up with their own high-performing leadership style.  Quantum Change Consulting is one of the most highly esteemed leadership development training and consulting agencies globally. We have a sensitive understanding that leadership transformation and culture starts with responsibility and awareness. We believe that we would not be able to transform the culture of organization unless individuals are always willing to transform their own behaviors. As a trusted leadership development consultant, our team is adept when it comes to partnering with leaders and organizations in order to establish a remarkable transformation.

If you are one of the leaders out there who aim to unleash their potential in creating meaningful organizational changes, our Leadership Development Training and Coaching is designed to bring out authentic leaders from you. This is done through unique coaching style that integrates purpose and performance. Most especially, we implement blended-learning strategy in order to promote in-depth learning and long term behavioral changes.

Often businesses require an outside perspective to think differently or to act differently. Quantum can assist clients with the key competencies required to undertake change management projects successfully which may include
  • Company re-organization or relocation
  • Integration, mergers and acquisitions
  • Significant shift in business strategy
  • Product launch succeeding
  • New vision or Management Change

Executive Coaching and Development

Our executive or individual one-to-one coaching gives individuals control over their own learning process, supports you in clarifying your goals, and provides reflective space to enable you in making the transition and transformations you desire. Our coaching techniques are versatile, of high impact and are increasingly appealing to businesses to grow and release potential, increase motivation and boost productivity in the workplace. Our coaching for leaders program increases productivity, improves communications, increases staff commitment and loyalty, and decreases levels of stress and tension within companies. Quantum works with individuals to explore these limiting and negative behaviors to recognize and modify their self-defeating beliefs, assumptions and actions. It helps leaders to think and plan more strategically, to manage risk more effectively and to create and communicate vision and mission effectively.

Career Coaching and Development

Using Quantum Change Consulting’s extensive knowledge and battle-tested methodologies, we have thoroughly designed the best collection of the most strategic career coaching packages that are specially patterned based on your particular goals, needs and budget.

At Quantum Change Consulting, we offer individual and group coaching sessions that start with one-hour consultation, supporting tools and materials, unlimited access to career coach packages, expanding to monthly coaching programs and a whole lot more. Our career coaching can be conducted either by means of using video conferencing tools like GoToMeeting and Skype over the phone. You will work with a certified professional career coach with wide range of topics such as professional resume development, work performance, career direction and job search strategy.


Business Development Consulting and Training

At Quantum Change Consulting, we know that venturing in business is not a laughing matter. That explains why there are lots of start-ups that do not succeed in the long run. Whether you are planning to start a business or you want to upgrade your existing one, we offer the most commendable business development strategies for you. From recruitment to retention, we cover all important facets that are necessary for the growth and success of your business. At the same time, we also brace you to a newer height of understanding regarding a number of things that you have to avoid in order to spare your business from many risks.

Quantum Change Consulting offers the best services for you. At present, being a dynamic leader is intimidating and daunting, but with the help of a reliable consulting agency like Quantum Change Consulting, we do believe that successful behavioral changes are within your reach.


What We Offer

Quality & Credibility

Responsiveness to the needs of individual clients and business is paramount to our business. We will assist clients to achieve growth and personal development through measurable parameters.

Our consultants have the right credentials and proven track record to help you achieve your maximum potential.


Bespoke Solutions

At Quantum, we work in partnership with our clients to achieve individual and business goals. Fundamental to that partnership approach is taking the time to fully understand and appreciate you and your requirements. Subsequent to this, we then work diligently and thoroughly to deliver a solution created just for you or your organization.

Strong Formal Methodologies

We have developed strong formalized coaching and consulting methodologies for all the services we provide including strict confidentiality. We work under the strictest confidence careful not to divulge any information to third parties. Other methodologies include:
  • Clear Policies and Procedures
  • Regular Feedback and Control
  • Long Term and Continued Support

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