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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Our consultants are certified practitioners of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Timeline Therapy. NLP is a set of insights and skills which our consultants use to actively assist clients to use ones minds, emotions and bodies to run your own life more successfully and to communicate with other people with extra-ordinary effectiveness. The technique enables individuals to improve how you think, behave and feel. It helps to acquire skills and attitudes to do what you and cannot do right now in addition to managing your thoughts, moods and behaviours more effectively.

Fire Walking

Quantum uses fire walking, brick breaking and other similar techniques in corporate and team-building seminars and self-help workshops as a confidence-building exercise. Fire walking imparts the belief on an individual's ability to focus on "mind over matter" and break limiting emotions to achieve personal fulfillment.

Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT)

Our consultants are accredited EFT Practitioners. EFT has the goal of desensitization, and utilizes the tapping of acupuncture points while the client focuses on a specific issue of contention. It is a technique used to take the emotional intensity out of a past and debilitating memory.

Matrix Re-Imprinting

Similar to EFT, our accredited consultants use Matrix Imprinting to transform past negative memories held as pictures or holograms in your body-field. Changing the pictures creates both physical and emotional healing, and enables you to attract more positive experiences into your life.

Timeline Therapy

'The Time Line' describes the way you store all of your memories in your unconscious mind. The behavioral change in an individual takes place at an unconscious level. The Time Line Therapy techniques adopted by Quantum allow us to work at the unconscious level to release the effects of negative beliefs, decisions and emotions arising from past experiences. Our certified consultants will combine NLP and Time Line Therapy techniques that will allow you to gain the emotional control over your life.


Our certified consultants utilize hypnosis as a primary tool for assisting clients to achieve their goals. Our hypnotherapist methods often differ from other therapists because we focus on the role of subconscious behaviors and influences that affects the client's life.

PRINCE2 -(Projects in a Controlled Environment)

PRINCE2 is a process-based method for effective project management. The key features of the techniques are helping focus on business justification, defining organisation structure for the project management team, product-based planning approach, emphasising on dividing the project into manageable and controllable stages in addition to flexibility to be applied at a level appropriate to the project.

Prosci Change Management

The technique helps to build competency in change management. The basis of Prosci's change management methodology is based on collective lessons and examples by project leaders and teams around the globe. The result has been Prosci's development of a methodology that is easy to use for the everyday project manager or team.


What We Offer

Quality & Credibility

Responsiveness to the needs of individual clients and business is paramount to our business. We will assist clients to achieve growth and personal development through measurable parameters.

Our consultants have the right credentials and proven track record to help you achieve your maximum potential.


Bespoke Solutions

At Quantum, we work in partnership with our clients to achieve individual and business goals. Fundamental to that partnership approach is taking the time to fully understand and appreciate you and your requirements. Subsequent to this, we then work diligently and thoroughly to deliver a solution created just for you or your organization.

Strong Formal Methodologies

We have developed strong formalized coaching and consulting methodologies for all the services we provide including strict confidentiality. We work under the strictest confidence careful not to divulge any information to third parties. Other methodologies include:
  • Clear Policies and Procedures
  • Regular Feedback and Control
  • Long Term and Continued Support

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