Quantum Change Consulting specializes in bringing about behavioral change in individuals, future leaders and key decision makers in organizations through an array of intervention and change management tools and techniques.

Our aim is to work with individuals to achieve key personal development goals whilst assisting organizations to overcome obstacles and challenges that are crucial to the development of their executives, future successors and staff. We believe coaching and talent management are some of the most powerful and cost effective ways of developing extraordinary individual and organizational performance. As with a sporting coach, Quantum consultants will work with you, to set goals and work towards unleashing your full potential.

Unique Approach

Here at Quantum, we offer an individual approach to our coaching and intervention programs through our bespoke methods. Our multidiscipline experts offer a 'needs and solutions' service where consultants delve deep to understand your distinctive needs and work with you to devise a solution going forward.

Our ‘client first’ approach will leave you with the feeling that you have achieved a breakthrough and personal development that will assist in achieving various goals going forward.

Our approach is the antithesis of prevailing methods, which are often detached and rigid.
Working closely with you we will listen, learn and devise a unique formula to for your Professional and Business Success.

Melissa Jean Woodside
Filmmaker at Sublime Universal Limited

Gita is kind of like my secret weapon. Within a year of speaking to her, I've doubled clients, quadrupled output, and maximized happiness. She's very efficient, logical, and fierce at putting together corporate strategies and working through them

**LAUNCHING SOON** - Online Classes - Topics:

  • Management Training - DYNAMIC Solutions

  • Career Development

  • Leadership Development



Executive Coaching

Our executive or individual one-to-one coaching gives individuals control over their own learning process, supports you in clarifying your goals, and provides reflective space to enable you in making the transition and transformations you desire.


Career Coaching

Using Quantum Change Consulting’s extensive knowledge and battle-tested methodologies, we have thoroughly designed the best collection of the most strategic career coaching packages that are specially patterned based on your particular goals, needs and budget.                        


Leadership Development

Leaders deal with the greatest challenge and that is to come up with their own high-performing leadership style.  Quantum Change Consulting is one of the most highly esteemed leadership development training and consulting agencies globally.                               


Business Development

At Quantum Change Consulting, we know that venturing in business is not a laughing matter. That explains why there are lots of start-ups that do not succeed in the long run.                                  





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