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Gita Curniffe is an exceptional life changing 'Business Coach'. Working through emotionally draining belief systems, Gita assisted in removing emotional blocks holding me back, in order for a stronger person to emerge who can then conduct business in a productive and successful manner.
Each session with her produced very positive results, this has enabled my goals to be achieved much faster than expected. So do prepare for CHANGE.

  Angie Greaves (Celebrity) - Drive Time Presenter  - Magic 105.4 FM, London, UK


Gita was absolutely amazing!
I had the pleasure to have a pretty fulfilling session with Gita and I still hope it had never ended.
She was full of energy, engaging and enthusiastic. I felt very much related to her. She made me feel confident and at peace, focused and driven.
I am really looking forward to our next group of sessions together.

Vielka Melendez - Web Strategist at Anuk Group, Dom Republic - Source -



Gita is one of the most enthusiastic motivators I've had the benefit of working with. She helped me gain insight into my strengths and preferences for work and working environments. Her irrepressible energy is infectious, and you can't help but take it with you into your day. Working with her on refining my professional aspect was fun and productive.

Patty Purves, M.S., LSSGB - Measuring mission accomplishment, Denver Colorado- Source -


Working with Gita is life changing! With her positive energy, management savvy and know-how she can effectively coach you to help you move to where you want to be in your personal and professional life. I highly recommend Gita - she will help you move ahead in your career and you will have a lot of fun with the process as well!

Jenny Aden Murnane. PhD - President at JAM Group, LLC, United States - Source -


On the 1st November something happened that would change my life in a relatively short amount of time, I contacted Gita Curniffe. I was at a loss with failed relationships and a mundane job under my belt I felt lost in my life. I felt I was looking in as an outsider and watching the hum drum repetitive actions of a person who had given up. Rock bottom had a familiar comfort of an old bed, but I knew it wasn't the right life for me. So how to go about lifting out of this rut? It started with an informal chat and quickly realising that Gita had cut through a lot about what was bringing me down to the core of myself and the greatness I was clouding inside. The decision to allow Gita to be my transformational management coach was absolutely the right decision for me. She was able to show me tools and practices that would lead me to my dream job being offered to me on 20th December. I have the pleasure of recommending this fantastic woman to anybody who is ready to make the necessary changes to get exactly what they deserve.

Vanessa Mutinda - ECM Systems Support Manager, London, United Kingdom - Source -



Gita is an amazing coach I could not recommend highly enough. A close friend of mine referred me to her and I realised immediately she is a personwho is selfless, direct, honest, and concerned with helping her clients find who they are, what they want, and where they want to go. Her ability to read a situation you are looking for direction in, enhance your strengths, build up any weaknesses has helped me to be a better person is a very short period of time. Gita has a genuine interest in helping people and her client’s growth and development is proof of this.

John Fowler - Outside Sales / CSP - United States - Source -


Working with Gita is a complete and total joy. She is a remarkable coach, trainer and human being. Her commitment to my success was spectacular and she deeply cares about her clients and remains available to assist seemingly 24/7. After leaving the workforce for a year or so and having lost all confidence, Gita was adept at helping me reconnect with my talents and abilities and was successful in helping me regain some much needed confidence, I highly recommend Gita to all.

John Byers - Art and Entertainment Program Manager - Denver, Colorado - Source -


Gita’s wit and charm combined with her thorough knowledge of management made her Dynamic Solutions Seminar eye opening, insightful and a real joy to be a part of. This course enlightened my current understanding of management and gave me new perspective and hope to hold on to as a young millennial entering the workforce. The class inspired me to find creative ways to communicate my influence among the various generations with whom I work.

Kim McCutcheon - Product Designer - Denver Colorado - Source -


I have struggled with writing this recommendation at the risk of sounding too personal, and then I realized the service Gita offers is a personal service: coming into my power through personal and professional coaching.
I have long struggled with issues which have blocked my moving forward in my personal life, which of course has affected my career trajectory. Assuming personal and professional coaching was a bunch of recycled worksheets and rote exercises, Gita has destroyed my assumption with her action and results in a very short time.
As an education professional, I can say without one shred of doubt that Gita has the practice, tools, philosophies, education, and personality to help anyone step into and reclaim their power to move their life in the direction they desire with both confidence and success.
I am forever grateful for her sharing her strength and wisdom with me.

Londell Jackson, M.Ed. - Educational Program Planner / Developer /Evaluator - Denver Colorado - Source -

Gita is an amazing coach and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. After a number of years on the fast-track my career trajectory had fallen flat and I had burned out. Gita helped me to rediscover my passions and encouraged me to pursue dreams that I had abandoned years ago. She had great advice to get me back on track and helped me set goals that kept me focused on the bigger picture. Gita’s is very easy to work with and her positive energy is infections.

Aurora Arlet - Account Supervisor Technology at Edelman - Denver Colorado - Source -

Gita is simply the best! She is professional, knowledgable, and very personable. When I met Gita, I was feeling "stuck in a rut" as far as my job search and interviewing skills. Through her coaching expertise, utililizing a combination of professional tools and practical wisdom, Gita was able to offer me positive insight and a fresh perspective. I look forward to working with her now and in the future. I would highly recommend Gita to anyone in need of professional and personal growth. Thank you, Gita!

Teresa Mannani - Executive Assistant / Business Office Manager - Denver Colorado - Source -

Gita is both a dynamic Professional and Personal Development Coach. In working with her, she facilitated several activities that helped me identify my areas of skill gap. She then shared an appropriate suggestion or tool to assist me in moving forward. Her positive energy is contagious, which has provided me with the confidence to accomplish all of my goals.

Julie Griffin - Client Relations Manager at ZOLL - Denver Colorado - Source -

I have been working with Gita since November 2015 and she has been really wonderful in developing my personal growth and awareness by assessing my personality, values, and strengths. Gita is results oriented and good at assigning relevant tasks that helped me move forward, such as identifying skill gaps and finding ways to improve them. Gita is a great sounding board and listener and helped me to finally act upon actions that I had been indecisive about in the past. She is full of spunk, support, compassion as well as fresh ideas and resources. I would highly recommend Gita to anyone dreaming of a change in their current career or life path.

Tanya Horning - Marketing and Advertising Professional - Denver Colorado - Source -

Gita is very energetic and positive. She gives the best advice in a way that is easy for you to understand. She brings her own personal style to her career coaching that is very inspirational and effective.
Katie Tonney
I can not recommend Gita more highly.
She and I have been working together on a career move of mine (Grant Writing). This is a highly competitive field. Fortunately, Gita is a dynamic, out-of-the-box, thinker. I'll be honest: I do not care for expressions like 'out-of-the-box'. However, it is the phrase that best captures her ability to craft bold solutions to a seemingly intractable situation.
In addition, she a high energy motivator. This brings much to the process of changing one's life.

John Eisenhauer  - Market Researcher - Denver Colorado - Source -

Gita is an amazing coach that has transformed me personally and professionally. She effectively provides tools and coaching that facilitated me to step back into my personal power. I could not have effectively gone through my recent experience without Gita. She has become a rock for me. I am honored to have met someone of this caliber in my lifetime and I am a better person just by knowing her. A breath of fresh air that continually feeds my soul!

Donna Magnuson - Director Product Manager Finance Pillar at ZOLL -Source -

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gita Curniffe for her AMAZING Dynamic Solutions Webinar "Developing the Managers of Tomorrow, Today" she presented last week. As a relatively new manager, I found the information she presented to be useful and insightful. I would highly recommend to any new manager who is struggling with the lack of abilities to 'manage' (whether it be a few employees or a large staff) others to invest the time/money to sign up and take her course. She is brilliant in the way she delivers this crucial information.  I have already put this information/tools that she shares 'to the test' and have had AMAZING results from the staff that I manage. You will NOT be disappointed!!! Again, I want to thank Miss Curniffe for her professionalism and the information she has shared with me to strengthen my managing skills. 

Jesse Arthurs - Manager @ Allnutt Funeral Home, Craig, Colorado  - Source -

Gita is very energetic and positive. She gives the best advice in a way that is easy for you to understand. She brings her own personal style to her career coaching that is very inspirational and effective.

Kaitlin Toney - PR, And Events, Denver Colorado - Source -


Gita is an AMAZING person and a PHENOMENAL professional. After you talk to Gita you instantly feel better about yourself. She has the type of personality that makes people energized and calm at the same time. I would highly recommend Gita to anyone looking to make a change in their life whether it be professionally or personally. She has a way to paint a clear picture of a path to success that would be optimal for each and every person. Her advice is well thought out while using realistic expectations. Gita is definitely a great person to know.

David Danushevsky - Experienced and Accomplished Hospitality Leader,  Denver Colorado- Source -

Gita is an outstanding career coach and leadership consultant. She provides tools that systematically increase skill development, self-awareness, and vision for the future. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their leadership skills, or looking to for practical advice on career advancement and/or transition.

Although I have studied and practiced leadership and management for more than a decade, the Dynamic Solutions Webinar provided new ways of thinking that helped me at a critical transition in my career. I participated in the webinar two weeks before taking a promotion and moving into a new organization, and the webinar helped me make a plan for success. We discussed important concepts such as: building relationships at all levels of the organization, and how to do that effectively, how to build political capital, and ways to increase personal and professional power to increase effectiveness.The other participants brought a wealth of experience and ideas to draw from in discussions, as well. Gita is a talented teacher and facilitator, and allowed for enough flexibility to dive into our questions, while being able to keep us on track to cover a significant amount of material.This webinar was an exciting and inspiring experience, and made me feel more prepared for my new role than any book or article I read in advance. I highly recommend it to new managers, managers in transition, or anyone feeling stagnant in their careers. 

  Jackie Kuusinen - Branch Manager/Experience Expert at Anythink - Denver Colorado- Source -


Having moved out of London to the Hampshire coast last year, I was feeling a little 'stuck' about where my career was going, and needed help to refresh my offering and engage with new opportunities - from our first session, Gita gave me a framework of logical, achievable activities to get moving in the right direction; but more than that, she helped me to get valuable insights into my own working style, and relate that to getting the best out of my interactions with colleagues and clients alike. Gita challenges and encourages her clients to take charge of their own career development, with tangible results - working with Gita is one of the best business decisions that I have ever made.


Rachel Gough - Freelance Event Director/Producer - Portsmouth, United Kingdom- Source -


“I attribute a great amount of my success and growth to the professional development I have received from my Coach Gita. Her tailor made programs/exercises challenge me and have taken me to a newer – higher level in my profession”.

Adam Findley – Funeral Director  - Allnutt Funeral Services - Fort Collins, Colorado

Gita is kind of like my secret weapon. Within a year of speaking to her, I've doubled clients, quadrupled output, and maximized happiness. She's very efficient, logical, and fierce at putting together corporate strategies and working through them.

Melissa Jean Woodside - Filmmaker at Sublime Universal Limited - London, United Kingdom- Source -



“Gita is incredibly intuitive, resourceful, smart and brutally honest (for all the best reasons). She is also deeply committed and genuinely cares about her client's wellbeing. These attributes are the engine behind her being a highly effective coach, mentor and motivator. After just a few weeks of working together, I found and landed my next job. More importantly, I now have a partner I know I can rely upon to help guide me as my life and career grow and evolve”.


Jeffrey Warde - Brand and Marketing Leader - United States,- Source -


“ I thought it would be easy to write a glowing recommendation for Gita. The fact is, she is such a unique and dynamic personality she is hard to put into words. Her combination of professionalism, positive energy, subject knowledge, interpersonal skills, compassion, intuition, and a healthy dose of Zany makes for a surprisingly effective package.

For bottom liners, the leadership team program she took us through was transformational.

To be honest, I'd been trained on every one of the topics and tools earlier in my career and had low expectations for any meaningful change. But the way Gita combined these tools into an increasingly cohesive package makes all the difference. Our individual and team skills are tangibly increased. We experienced leaps in mutual understanding that are driving positive, real, change.

There is no one else I would recommend to coach your team to get them in synch and moving forward”.


  Craig Vacura  - IT Program Manager, Sr. at Douglas County - Castle Rock, Colorado - Source -


“It was a joy to work with Gita. She was extremely professional, detailed and did a fantastic job delivering the Energize program in a meaningful and practical way. Her coaching will be extremely beneficial to the organization and will produce great results.”  


Marlene Fleming - Sr. Manager of Application Services at Douglas County - Castle Rock, Colorado - Source -



“Over the past several months our Sr. management team has had the pleasure of experiencing the Energize Program. This in depth program covered Emotional Intelligence, Crucial Conversations and Leadership 2.0. So much insight was gained through this experience. I have taken away tools that I will continue to apply to my personal as well as professional life. Gita with her amazing positive energy, was able to keep us on track with this fast paced training. Even though some of the training was pretty intense, Gita had a way of presenting which was comfortable. I am most grateful to have had this opportunity to participate in this amazing program with such an incredible coach!”


 Lori Sikes - IT Purchasing, Customer Support at Douglas County - Castle Rock, Colorado - Source -




“Gita has a fiery energy and is great at delivering a variety of leadership training and professional coaching”.

 P. Larson - Sr. Manager, IT Operations at Douglas County  - Castle Rock, Colorado - Source -

“Gita is an energetic and charismatic presenter and trainer.  She will electrify your whole team.”
Gita is a live-wire. One of those people who light up a room just by walking into it. Her effervescent personality belies the depth of her expertise and experience. Skilled in many disciplines, Gita produces extraordinary results for her clients. I recommend Gita without reservation. --Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP

Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP - co-author of the legendary “Guerrilla Marketing” series - Golden, Colorado - Source -

Gita has both personality and drive. She knows how to captivate an audience and drive the point home. As an entrepreneur I sometimes get excited and get ahead of myself. More than anything she helped keep my focus on the right aspects of my business to help me grow the company, not just the product. If you want to take your company to a higher level, Gita will make sure you have covered all of your bases

Brain Wood, Member at Innovation Pavilion -Denver, Colorado - Source -

Gita helps you expand unlock your internal GPS by recognizing blocks that you may sense are there but don't know quite how to remove them. Her techniques and intuitive insight work hand in hand in a fantastic way to move her clients forward in a "quantum change" way! Highly recommend Gita's services!


Sharon Shore - Life Transformational Coach, Denver Colorado - Source -


I have known Gita for a couple of years now and as soon as I met her I knew she was an amazing women.  Straight away I felt at ease with Gita, her understanding, kindness and knowledge is outstanding.
Recently Gita has been working with me, to help me overcome a few problems and improve my future in all aspects.  Gita's experience, knowledge and education shows as she instantly knows which technique will work best for you and uses all her skills to get the right results. I was amazed after my first session with Gita, I felt so different, so positive and very happy.  
I highly recommend Gita, her talents are outstanding, she has an amazing presence about her and she will be dearly missed here in the UK.


Joanne Naldrett, Surrey, UK

So glad our paths crossed. You totally changed my outlook and my life has changed for the better. I have since brought my son to see you and at only 14 he was totally amazed how you were able to help him also. Felt so relaxed in your calming and positive company......Good luck in Denver wish you didnt have to go. Like you said you're always at the end of the phone...Good Luck in everything you do and all the best Hon.


Karen, Business Owner, Carshalton, Surrey, UK

Just to say a massive thank you, in the short time that I have known you, you have managed to change my out look completely, with your help and support I have more confidence and enjoy doing my job a lot more, you have made me look at work in a totally new light and given me the confidence not only to do presentations that I would have normally fell to pieces with, but you helped me to expand my branding and now i'm looking to further my career in the industry that I work in. You are a angel and I will be forever grateful, the work you do is just fantastic thank you.

 Kerry Harris Relationship Manager - Business Banking Natwest, UK

It has been an amazing experience having sessions with Gita. The best thing about Gita is that she makes you feel really relaxed from the very beginning. I found that having sessions with Gita has helped me overcome my fears and i've learn't to let go of them for good. I never realised till I met Gita that what is happening in the present is a result of things that have happened in the past. She has helped me look at the future in a totally different mirror. Because of her I know how I should approach my goals. I must say talking to Gita has also enriched my relationship with my family. I realised I need to pay more attention to everything and be totally and utterly positive about everything coming to me. I feel Gita is an angel who was sent to guide me find my full potential.

Dr U Syed, London, UK



Gita has totally transformed my life through her coaching. Her holistic approach got rid of many problems that I had in my life, some of which I was not even aware of. Using NLP, EFT and various other techniques, Gita got to the root of my problems, some of which stemmed from my childhood, and helped eradicate them.

She then worked with me to build up my confidence and self esteem. This is done to ensure that the client can move forward in their life without  ever    reverting back to their ‘old’ self. Finally, using future timeline therapy, Gita helped me plan and visualise my future goals and aspirations.

I am now completely empowered to achieve all my goals and feel nothing can hold me back. I now feel that (with the Lord’s help), I am now in control of my destiny. My confidence has improved immensely, as well as my time management, organisational and creative skills. Previously I always had apprehension about undertaking new ventures. But now I feel can grab the mettle and go for it.

Gita truly cares for her clients and with her it is far more than a client coach relationship. I now think of her more as a friend. Even now, long after the coaching has finished, she still keeps in touch, to check how things are going in my life. I’m glad to say that because of her, the future never looked brighter!


Ramon Lopez (Entrepreneur and aspiring Stand Up Comedian), London, UK

“If you are considering coaching with Gita, then I would say go ahead and do it - you won't regret it. In the time I worked with Gita I can honestly say that she helped me get my life back on track. I was feeling very low, suffering from a nerve related rash, a real lack of confidence and self esteem and having given up what was a very successful career, was unable to see a future where I could be successful again. I constantly felt that I wasn't good enough and really had lost the ability to just enjoy life. No more! - thanks to Gita I can look back at my career with pride and am now looking forward to setting up my own business and know that I have the ability to be successful again. I am finally sticking to that diet, exercising and feeling excited about the future. Gita is such a positive influence that seeing her is always a real pleasure - I feel that I have got my life back on track and gained a great friend.”


S.Bryne, Director, Passion for Petals, London, UK


“Gita is an amazing person - she literally fizzes with positive energy. I have been seeing Gita for EFT with Executive Coaching and she has helped me so much. The sessions are an amazing experience and each time has been different Gita is a wonderful listener and she has helped me to identify some of the main issues holding me back. We have worked on different issues at each session and the results have been amazing. Sometimes I am exhausted at the end and sometimes I feel like I am in a dream. A few days later I will start to see small changes in my behaviour such as feeling more confident, less negative, more energetic, more focused and happier with life and work environment. My friends have commented that they have noticed a difference in me for the better!! I can not explain EFT or how it works but I just know that it does. Gita is so supportive through the process and always checks on me every day or so to see how I am, which is brilliant. I think Gita has a real gift for this and she deserves every success in life.

L. L, VP, Deutsche Bank, London, UK

“I visited Gita for therapy and coaching when I was suffering with quite a few problems including low self esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety issues and an eating disorder, I really felt that I was at an all time low and did not know how to make things better.

After visiting Gita, I can honestly say that my issues are resolved, I have confidence, high self esteem and I’m much less anxious.


Gita has really turned my life around and I will be eternally grateful for this. I would highly recommend Gita to anyone who has issues they would like to resolve so that they can get their life back as I have done.

L. Masini, Executive Ass. NHS, London, UK



"Amazing, Amazing, Amazing....I can only say how eternally grateful I am to have been sent Gita!!! After many years of different turmoils and events in my life which started from a very young age. The same reoccurring patterns kept rearing its ugly head and had finally mounted to a point that I could see no way out or even how to move forward with my life, business and relationships. I needed to finally take control of my life and me for a change. To be happy and get results. Well I thought this was going to take a little time after many years of suffering but NO with Gita its INSTANT. I am feeling amazing already and we have only just started. I would and am already telling everyone who has any suffering in their lives that it can change in ways that you could not imagine. But this change needs to come from within too. Yes there are many Life Coaches but then there is GITA ,who is truly gifted in her field which no amount of training could give to other coaches. She is one unique Angel. Thank you so much".

Lee-Ann Robathan - Talent Director/Owner -LA MANAGEMENT -


I contacted Gita regarding help with my weight-loss. I arranged a coaching session for date above and went in looking forward to my session. When we started the pre-assessment Gita took me through some questions. Why I wanted to do this, what have I done in the past to lose weight and what I am going to do to ensure I keep on track to lose weight? I explained a lot about myself in which Gita then decided to do a GAP analysis with me as although I have tried a lot of things both current and in the past I never seemed to lose enough weight. She identified that I have no real target weight only an objective to lose weight. She advised me to look into a calorie calculator to determine an actual target weight and also to write down some SMART objectives. My mind became a lot more clear than up in the air. I had a focus but no route and after just one coaching session with her I felt more confident in myself and what I can achieve. I have now cut my calorie intake down; I attend the gym regularly, keeping in mind of the calories I must burn in order to reach my target goal weight. I feel very up lifted and more confident in myself. We used this method to help me focus also on what I want to achieve in my career. I always had big ambitions but never a clear pathway to get it. She is an amazing person who has changed my thinking pattern.

Jessie Suganthy - Medical Assistant


I went to see Gita for life coaching, but she immediately identified that I had a phobia that I needed to get rid of before proceeding. All my life I have had a phobia of banging doors, park swings and other moving objects, to the extent that it sometimes stopped me carrying out daily activities. Within a few minutes, Gita put me at ease, got to the root of the problem and helped me rid myself of the phobia. Her use of EFT techniques is nothing short of remarkable. I believe that she is a natural healer and her holistic approach to life coaching can help anyone looking to better themselves.

I achieved so much in just one session that I can't wait to see Gita for further sessions, as I believe that she can help me in so many ways. I already feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and am very positive about the future

Gita is such a nice person and genuinely wants to see her clients improve themselves. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gita's life coaching skills.

Jonathan Palmer, Television Producer, London, UK


Chronic Fatigue (M.E)

I have tried counselling, NLP, Avatar and the Lightening Process but I've never met anyone with the ability to help me the way Gita has.The difference is, Gita really cares and getting you well is her mission. Not only does she have a range of skills at her finger tips, she has total empathy with you as well as a great insight. She is warm and caring and someone you feel you can really trust. Her own story is an inspiration. I am so thankful for the day I met her. She is a real treasure.


Caroline Cartwrght, Surrey, UK








































































































































































































































































































































































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